Friendship in the CITY OF JOY

This picture was taken on the streets of Kolkata. We all know Kolkata is the city of love, the city of emotion. Every day thousands of people in this city are building bonds of love and friendship and thousands again breaking them. In the picture, we can see two friends who are walking down the street holding each other’s hands. We don’t know the purpose of their walking or where their destination is. We don’t know how long their friendship is. We are also not aware of the story of their journey of friendship. Friendship is just like that, meaningful at some times and meaningless at other times. Friendship is as beautiful as a rose. This is a very beautiful chapter in the life of humans. The best friendship period of my life is my school days friendship. Friendship only demands heart and soul, if a present friendship lasts a lifetime. Playing with school friends, sharing tiffins, studying, and being reprimanded by teachers are all witnesses to the beautiful moments of life that are to be cherished when walking down memory lane.

The photo also reveals another aspect of life, that is loneliness. We can see another person walking alone beside those two. He has no companion on the way.

Life is all about perspectives and aspects of different minds. Out of the several, the picture depicts one such dual aspect of life. The friendship of the two souls can be both ordinary or extraordinary. No matter what the parameter of friendship is, it is something that remains hard to define, and there lies the true magic of friendship. It is unexplained. Through this picture, all the friends will learn to see friendship with a different eye and their bonding will be stronger.